My name is Nina Pang, a photographer based in Manchester, UK. The main genres and themes in which I am focusing on are fashions, weddings & portraits. I don’t have any photography-related accreditations, qualifications or other such certificates. Every single day I look at other photographers work, analysing it and trying to work out how they created what they did. I love trying different styles of photography, from fashion to conceptual to wedding. When I started shooting and didn’t think too much of it, I take photos because I love the process and the way it makes me feel. 

Photography is not a way or a cult, it reflects a lifestyle and the photographer’s lifestyle, it allows people to record a precious moment within life and preserve that as a moment of history. Inspiration comes from nature, laughter, changes in season, love, and sadness. photography is not just a way or cult of photography, it is always a life style and cultural belief that everyone has, for this reason i like to capture these moments.


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