About Me



Hi! My name’s Nina, and I’m a photographer based in Manchester, UK. I usually focus on weddings, boudoir and portraits but like to explore different genres too.


I’ve had 6 years of experience shooting weddings. This was mainly in Manchester, where I was based before. However, I recently moved to the South and would happily travel across the world for wedding shoots. I love working with natural light and would describe my style as relaxed and candid.


For me, the best part of the job is meeting new people from all walks of life, and capturing them at their most ‘real moments.’ In turn, my photos are full of life. I always want my clients to remember their big day from the pieces I capture, which will tell the story of their wedding in the most genuine light.


A side project I dabble with is shooting fairytale inspired photography, which I sometimes combine into my wedding shoots due to the close proximity of weddings being like a fairytale. Although it is challenging shooting a wedding, it is the challenge that inspires me, and I enjoy the wide variety of emotions that I am able to capture. Through this, all these special moments can be captured into something permanent and everlasting.

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